Organic Farming for Gorillas (OFFGO)

Welcome to the website of the Cameroonian farmers organization Organic Farming for Gorillas (OFFGO). We are a group of organic smallholder farming families with activities in the North West region of Cameroon. We focus on the protection and conservation of the critically endangered Cross river gorilla, which can be found in our environment. 

The remaining total number of Cross River gorillas is estimated at 250 to 300 individuals worldwide. The IUCN identifies habitat protection as the most urgently-needed action. We focus on the stimulation of alternative sources of income for the villagers that are living in and around the preferential environment for the Cross river gorilla. We develop, operate and stimulate alternative farming practices for all interested farmers. We motivate farmers to stop poaching. Up to 5000 farmers are interested in our programs. Together, as a team, we try to activate new markets for organic products. A part of our net profit is used for reforestation of corridors between isolated forests in use by the gorilla species.