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Violation of human rights: intentionally and maliciously, by Cameroon persons acting in an official capacity. Notwithstanding the introduction of numerous, direct complaints to the judicial and administrative authorities in Cameroon, as well as by use of communications to the Government of Cameroon by renowned international human rights organisations, by its own State Human Rights body NCHRF and by seven UN OHCHR mandate holders, the State of Cameroon fails to: (1) investigate the allegations, (2) ensure cessation of ongoing violations, (3) provide effective remedies. This is a continuous situation, and might constitute a violation of Cameroon’s obligation under articles 2(3): right to remedies; 6: right to life; 7: no torture; 9: arbitrary arrest and detention; 11: right to liberty of movement; 13: lawful expulsion; 16: right to recognition as person before the law; 17: interference with privacy; 18: right to freedom of thought; 19: right to hold opinions; 21: right of peaceful assembly; 22: right of association with others; and 26: no discrimination of the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). One of the victims submitted a communication under the Optional Protocol to the ICCPR to the UN Human Rights Committee

Perpetrators, and type of actions:

(a) trumped up charges and illegal expulsion of a human rights defender: Presidential Secret Service DGRE, Criminal Police North West Region, Border Police Cameroon, administrative and judicial authorities Mbengwi

(b) false reports about the illegal expulsion: administrative and judicial authorities Mbengwi, Presidential DGRE

(c) demolition of properties (farms) and reprisal judgement: administrative and judicial authorities Mbengwi

Actions undertaken by national and international organisations, Cameroon State Human Rights body NCHRF, UN OHCHR mandate holders: letters and reports

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