OFFGO has suspended all supportive and development programs till further notice. We currently concentrate our capacity on resolving the harassment cases against our administrators and top members.

The following programs are suspended: plant a fruit tree, plant a wild tree, organic pesticide program, solar program, from raw to processed food, community-run meet and greet for farmers and graziers, legal aid, technical aid, rotation farming. OFFGO also operates a 10ha community farm in Tudig since August 2015. With our net profit, we operate the following programs:

We invite all members and interested parties to allocate 10% of their farming area for the planting of fruit and/or wild tree species. The OFFGO community farm focuses on the development of the wild tree nursery. Some of our members help with fruit tree nurseries. With this program, we prevent erosion on the hills, expand forest patches around creeks and rivers, and increase fruit production in Mbengwi.

Our organic pesticide program is limited to small scale production of orange oil, as natural termite treatment. We investigate the possibility of local production of alcohol (from cassava or potato), which is needed for the extraction of orange oil. 

With our OFFGO solar program, we provide access to solar lamps for kids. OFFGO buys the lamps and solar panels. The lamps can be rented on a daily basis.

Rather than distributing locally harvested food over long distance, of which processed food returns to the villages (e.g. bread, biscuits), we train and support local families in food processing. We negotiate with local shops and restaurants, and we organize transport.

We assist village councils in community-run meet and greet events for farmers and graziers. With the exception of violence cases, we try to avoid the transfer of land rights and land use rights cases to court. We provide legal and technical aid to affected farmers and graziers, and village councils.

We investigate the use of rotation farming. Agricultural and grazing activities can co-exist, and can be integrated as part of one.

We assist small-scale pig producers in the financial management of their business. In general, we manage to increase the net revenue of Mbengwi based local small-scale pig farmers (between 5 – 20 animals) with 400%.